Rush Poker Rakeback

Rush Poker is the newest and most exciting game on offer at Full Tilt Poker, even more so if you earn rakeback while you play. We have been getting a ton of questions about the Effect of Rakerback on RushPoker, so read on and we will explain it to you.

If you’re not sure what rakeback is, it’s a partial refund paid to online poker players of the rake they pay. The reason some poker rooms offer this rake is basically to reward loyalty, and keep action on the tables. Full Tilt Poker, the home of the brand new Rush Poker game pays 25% rakeback to players that sign up here on this website. That deal isn’t available everywhere however, it’s a special agreement we’ve made with Full Tilt Poker for our players.

Rush Poker was introduced to the online poker world in January of this year. It’s sort of like … poker on crack. Each hand is played just like any hand of Texas Holdem played online. You’re dealt cards, you make a bet, there’s a flop, turn, river, betting in between, you know the routine. However, let’s say you decide not to play in a particular hand?

Well generally, in this case you’d fold, probably either focus on another table (assuming you’re multi-tabling) check your email, run for coffee, check your Facebook etc. Needless to say some time passes between the time that you muck your cards and the time that you are dealt a new hand.

When you’re playing Rush, everything is the same, except that time wasted between hands. The very second you decide to muck your cards at a Rush Poker table, you click the ‘quick fold’ button and you’re whisked away to another poker table, with a new group of players and given new cards.

Imagine the amount of hands you could get in per hour playing a game where you’re not wasting 30 seconds to a full minute between hands. Well, actually you don’t have to imagine. We’ll tell you. The average Rush Poker player gets in 200-300 hands per hour.

  • That’s 200 to 300 hands per hour if you’re single tabling.
  • Imagine for a second just how many points you’re earning!

So here’s the glory of it all. Full Tilt Poker gives you your rakeback percentage for every pot you’re involved in. So if $3 was taken in rake, and you were sitting at the table, with cards, even though you folded without ever putting so much as a small blind into the pot, you’ve just earned rakeback from that pot.

If you clicked the quick fold button and participated in 2 other hands before the hand concluded, you still earn rakeback for that hand. Every player in every hand that earns rakeback gets paid.

How Rush Poker Rakeback Is Calculated

Here’s how the rakeback is calculated. Take the amount raked during the hand, let’s say three bucks. Divide that by the amount of players (this is why we play the six max tables…). Now multiply that number by .25.

So we have this: $3/17*.25= .13 per hand. Take that number and multiply it by our 5 hands per minute average and we get .68 which we multiply by the number of minutes in an hour, and we’re looking at $40 an hour in rakeback, on average. That’s of course assuming all hands cap at $3 per pot in rake. You may see different results, but this should give you a pretty decent idea.