Getting Started with Rush Poker: The Basics

Available only at Full Tilt Poker, Rush Poker is one of the fastest paced poker games on the Internet. For the most part, the only major difference between Rush Poker and a standard ring Texas Holdem game is the speed. However, some new features of Rush Poker, including the “Quick Fold” option, make the game difficult for some players that do not know how to approach or play the game.

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Finding a Rush Poker Game

You can locate Rush Poker games in both the standard and basic view of the Full Tilt Poker lobby.

In standard view, you can find Rush Poker games in the “browse area” in the lobby. Select “Rush Poker” in the browsing limits. From there, you can choose from Texas Holdem, Omaha Hi and Omaha H/L. You can also select the table limits (No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit) and the specific stakes for each game. After selecting these browsing parameters, you will see a list of games from which you can choose.

You can sort the available games based on the amount of players, the average pot size and the amount of hands played per hour. You can also see a percentage of players that see each flop. Once you have chosen the game that you would like to play, you can double-click on the title to enter the game.

With basic view, you can also easily access each Rush Poker game but do not have as many options as far as seeing the specifics of each table. In general, you are limited to the game type, limits and stakes. However, you can also navigate to a lobby where you can browse the table for more advanced information about each Rush Poker game.

Playing a Rush Poker Game

Once you have selected a Rush Poker game, you are seated at the first available, 10 handed table. After a quick 3 second countdown, the game begins. As you first enter a Rush Poker game, you will be responsible for posting the big blind. Following this, the player that has not posted a blind for the longest amount of time will be responsible for the big blind. However, the small blind and seating position at each table are assigned at random. When playing a game of Rush Poker, the rules that typically apply to ordinary ring games apply.

When playing Rush Poker, you can fold out of the hand at any time by using the “Quick Fold” feature. If you choose to do so, the other players at the table will not be able to tell that you have folded until it is your turn. However, once you have folded a hand, you are immediately moved to another table where a new hand begins. This happens even before your turn has come in the betting cycle. So, by the time that it is actually your turn to make a decision, you may have played 2 or 3 hands.

Additional Rush Poker Features

Just like any other poker game at Full Tilt Poker, you can multi-table while playing Rush Poker. In fact, Full Tilt allows you to play as many as eight tables at the same time. By preventing other players from being seated with you at multiple tables in a row, no player can tell when a player has folded out of a previous hand. In addition, no two players that are multi-tabling can be seated at more than one table with each other.

If you ever want to take a break from Rush Poker, you can select the “Sit Out Next Hand” feature and will be placed on hold until you return. Once you un-select the “Sit Out Next Hand” feature, you will be placed at the next available table. You can select this feature a any time but if done during a hand, the hand will conclude before you are placed on break.