Rush Poker Strategy Guide

Rush Poker is a game that could change the way people all over the world play online poker. It is unclear at this time if it will become anything worth writing about 6 months from now or a couple of years from now, but at the time of this writing – it has taken the industry by storm. With that said, it is clear that many will attempt to take full advantage of the fish that will creep into the Rush Poker lobbies all hours of the the day. It is unclear however, just how exactly they will do so.

Every player has their own strategies and approaches to poker that may or may not lead to long term winnings. It is a fact, that the top pros of the world all have different strategies and they definitely all have found ways to win over the long haul. When it comes to Rush Poker, strategies are a bit more on the foggy side.

Understanding Rush Poker

Before you can develop a strategy that works for you, it is crucial that you understand the game and the different concepts behind it. Rush Poker is actually a very simple concept. Assuming you already know how to play poker – the only difference here, is that you are playing at a much faster pace against a different group of people after every single hand. Once you finish a hand, you are teleported to a new table with new players. Each game has a few hundred players playing simultaneously. You can fold at any time (even before it is your turn to act), at which you will immediately be sent to a new table that will deal you new cards instantly.

As you can see, this throws in a pretty big change up in terms of how poker is normally played. You cannot read your opponents, because you are playing different ones each hand. At the same time, your opponents cannot read you. Mixing up your game, and other commonly told strategies are not relative in Rush Poker. So how do you become a winning Rush Poker player without reading opponents?

Tight? Aggressive? In Between?

Just like any other poker game, you need to find a strategy that works for you. The goal is to make money during the long run. The best way to do that in regular poker (in general) is to play a tight-aggressive strategy. You would want to be very selective with your hands. When you do play, you want to be extremely aggressive. It is likely that the same will come into play with Rush Poker. The only difference is that you will need to take into consideration the following.

  • Everybody will naturally play much tighter poker.
  • You will be able to play many more hands per hour.
  • Everybody will naturally assume that you too are playing tighter poker.
  • Good players will be thinking of the same strategies.
  • You are never going to know where you stand.

With all of that in mind, you can see where the problems begin to come into play. Where there are problems, there are lots of people that get flustered and mess things up. Instead of worrying about these issues – take advantage of them.

Test Different Strategies

In order to figure out the best strategy for you, there will be an investment. You will have to experiment with different types of strategies and see what works best for you. Play a few sessions of very tight poker – playing only the very best starting hands. Then play another few sessions playing more loose and aggressive (must be aggressive). Then mix things up even more, and combine different strategies. Make sure you play enough sessions to get accurate results. Play at least 10 hours of each strategy. If you quickly find that one is not going to work, then do not waste your time, scratch it and move on. The good news, is that you will be able to play so many hands that it should not take long to get those accurate results.

A Winning Rush Poker Strategy

For the majority of the good poker players out there, most will agree on similar strategies. There are still going to be plenty of people that get caught up in hands and make bad moves. It is your job to take advantage of those people. If you play solid, patient poker, and choose your hands wisely (with a very limited hand selection) then you should be able to come out a winner at the end.

Whether or not that will make you enough money to be a profitable poker player and hit the desired hourly rate is another story. That is the reasoning for starting out with a selective strategy and moving your way into more advanced strategies, that only you will be able to figure out based off of your skill sets.