PokerStars Rakeback

PokerStars is by far the most popular online poker site. PokerStars does not directly offer rakeback, but their VIP Program is equal to or more than rakeback. PokerStars also has the largest tournaments, best promotions, and biggest game selection available. If you are not playing at PokerStars yet, then you should definitely sign up. With over a million players on the site at any given time, the game selection is optimal. Be sure to use Marketing Code psp14011 when you sign up at Poker Stars to ensure that you receive the best bonuses and promotions available.

PokerStars $600 Deposit Bonus

PokerStars has recently increased their initial sign up bonus from $50 to $600. This is great news for you. The first 3 deposits that you make at PokerStars within 90 days of signing up will earn you a 100% Deposit Bonus up to a maximum of $600. Your deposit bonus will be released into your players account in $10 increments as you earn the required number of points to release your bonus.

PokerStars is making it easier than ever to make money by playing poker at their poker room. They have offered a VIP program for quite some time now, but it has been revamped recently to benefit the player even more!

Here is how the VIP program is going to benefit you. Every time you play poker, you earn VPPs. These VPPs are basically a measure of how much credit you’ve earned. As you collect VPPs, you will also collect FPPs. FPPs are the points that you actually use to buy stuff from the PokerStars store. The store features anything from Cash to Cars, and they even have a concierge option that will get you pretty much anything you want. You start out earning 1 FPP for every VPP that you earn.

As you collect more and more VPPs, though, you will start to move higher up in their VIP ladder. For example, at 750 VPPs, you become a Silverstar. What this means is that instead of earning 1 FPP for every VPP that you earn, you will now earn 1.5 FPPs for every VPP. After becoming Silverstar, why not try and move up through all the ranks? There are Gold, Platinum, Supernova, and Supernova Elite levels, which all are very lucrative benefits to go along with the money that you already make by beating your opponents at poker.

Bonus code: psp14011
PokerStars Information

Special Offers
  • WCOOP Series and SCOOP Series
  • Daily $1000 Freerolls
  • PokerStars VIP Cashback program
  • Sunday Million Tournaments
no rakeback usa

PokerStars Review

PokerStars is by far the world’s largest online poker site. They regularly have over 100,000 players connected at any given time and peak at over 200,000. PokerStars is home to some very well-known, world famous poker players, including Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, and World Series of Poker Champions Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, Joe Cada, and 2010 WSOP main event winner Jonathan Duhamel.

The largest online poker tournaments in the world are held on the virtual felt of PokerStars’ tables and cash games run at stakes from $.01/$.02 all the way up to $200/$400 deep stack tables.

PokerStars Rakeback

PokerStars does not offer online poker rakeback in the traditional sense. However, the PokerStars VIP program is among the best in the world and for high-raking players can offer a PokerStars rakeback equivalent in excess of 80%. Even players who do not log-on every day can earn a much better rakeback rate than many other sites. Add in all of the other benefits of playing on PokerStars and it is easy to see why it is chosen more than any other site on the web.

Available in the US
PokerStars Lobby
PokerStars Table
• Bonus Code psp14011
• Sign-up Bonus 100% up to $600
• Rake Calc Method Contributed
• Bonuses Deducted N/A
• Tournament Fees Included Yes
• Rakeback Payments N/A
• U.S.Players No
• Network Independent
• Max Tables 24
• Promotions $20 Free for First Deposits



PokerStars Marketing Code

If you’re looking for a PokerStars Marketing Code, then you’ve come to the right place. By using PokerStars Marketing Code ” psp14011 “, you will receive entrance into the PokerStars VIP Program (standard for all players), and you will get a 100% bonus on your deposit, up to $600 (NOT standard for all players)!

What You Are Going to do

  • Step 1: Download PokerStars
  • Step 2: Install the PokerStars Software
  • Step 3: When you get to a screen that asks you how you heard about PokerStars, you will see a field that asks for a marketing code.  Simply type “psp14011” into that box, and continue.
  • Step 4: You will receive you 100% bonus, and be ready to play poker at PokerStars!

What to expect when you sign up at PokerStars
When you log into PokerStars, you are going to see that you have the opportunity to play with any of a few hundred thousand players at any given time. There is a huge selection of games running at all levels. If you like to play cash games or tournaments, you’ll see that there are all sorts of your favorite variations of games too. Whether you’re a crazy gambler and love to play heads up pot limit Omaha, or a more conservative tight and aggressive full ring hold ‘em player, you’re going to find a game that you love to play, and can make some money.

PokerStars VIP Program

Through the PokerStars VIP Program, you will earn VIP Player Points (VPPs) every time you participate in any real money game. Depending on the number of VPPs you earn, you will be assigned to a loyalty level on a monthly basis. The loyalty levels that you can achieve are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You will automatically begin at the Bronze level and you can work your way up to the higher levels by attaining the required number of VPPs throughout the month for that level. Each month you will start over at the Bronze level. See the benefits of each level below:
Bronze Level

  • *Earn VPPs every time you participate in any real money game
  • *Spend these VPPs in the Pokerstars VIP Store
  • *Use your VPPs to enter Points Tournaments
  • *VIP Stellar Rewards

Silver Level

  • *Earn VPPs 50% Faster every time you participate in any real money game
  • *Standard Merchandise and Silver Members Merchandise available in store
  • *Use your VPPs in Points Tournaments
  • *VIP Stellar Rewards
  • *Weekly $30,000 Freeroll
  • * Use VPPs to enter Satellite Tournaments to $100,000 Monthly Freeroll

Gold Level

  • *Earn VPPs 100% Faster every time you participate in any real money game
  • *Standard, Silver, and Gold Members Merchandise available in store
  • *Use your VPPs in Points Tournaments
  • *VIP Stellar Rewards
  • *Weekly $30,000 Freeroll
  • * $100,000 Monthly Freeroll
  • *Use VPPs to enter Satellite Tournaments to $1 Million Quarterly Freeroll

Platinum Level

  • *Earn VPPs 150% Faster every time you participate in any real money game
  • *Standard, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members Merchandise available in store
  • *Use your VPPs in Points Tournaments
  • *VIP Stellar Rewards
  • *Weekly $30,000 Freeroll
  • *$100,000 Monthly Freeroll
  • *Use VPPs to enter Satellite Tournaments to $1 Million Quarterly Freeroll

In addition to the monthly levels that can be achieved, you can also achieve yearly levels at PokerStars. The yearly loyalty levels that can be achieved are Supernova and Supernova Elite. See the benefits of these levels below:

Supernova Level

  • *Earn VPPs 250% Faster every time you participate in any real money game
  • *Special Supernova Members Merchandise available (includes a Porsche Cayman)
  • *Use your VPPs in Points Tournaments
  • *VIP Stellar Rewards
  • *Weekly $30,000 Freeroll
  • *$100,000 Monthly Freeroll
  • *$1 Million Quarterly Freeroll

Supernova Elite Level

  • *Earn VPPs 400% Faster every time you participate in any real money game
  • *Custom Merchandise available (includes a Porsche Cayman)
  • *Use your VPPs in Points Tournaments
  • *VIP Stellar Rewards
  • *Weekly $30,000 Freeroll
  • *$100,000 Monthly Freeroll
  • *$1 Million Quarterly Freeroll

The PokerStars VIP Store includes a huge selection of gifts you can purchase. You can purchase books, gift baskets, travel packages which include entry fees to major events, cash, tournament entries, electronics, and much more. You will find that this is the most rewarding site online at this time.

As you can see from the options above, it is very rewarding to play at PokerStars. With the options to exchange your points for cash, enter VIP Tournaments with points, and exchange points for tournament entries, playing at PokerStars is comparable or even better than rakeback.

PokerStars Game Selection

PokerStars has a huge selection of games with plenty of action at all times. The games available include Hold ‘em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Razz, 5 Card Draw, Badugi, HORSE, HOSE, and many more. These games are available in sit ‘n go tournaments, multi table tournaments, and ring games. PokerStars has the biggest tournaments available online with a $1.5 Million Guaranteed Tournament every Sunday. They also have multiple guaranteed prize pool tournaments daily.

When it comes to game selection, the options do not get much better than PokerStars. There are so many players on PokerStars at any given time that you can be very selective when choosing a game. There are plenty of good players on PokerStars, but given the volume of players, you are virtually guaranteed to run into some very poor players. These are the guys you want to play against and with a little effort, it is easy to game-select your way to profits

PokerStars Software

The software is excellent. You can upload your own avatar. Multi tabling is easy with the resizable table option. You can also choose the background from several different backgrounds available. The games load and play quickly and smoothly.

PokerStars is fully compatible with both Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker, making it easy to keep stats on everyone you play against and track your own play for review at a later time. They also offer tons of options on the site, such as auto-rebuy, lobby filters, and a great hand replayer. Security is taken very seriously at PokerStars and they even offer a Security Token, to safeguard your login information even further.

Depositing at PokerStars

The options to deposit money into your PokerStars account vary depending on the country you reside in. Some of the most popular deposit options include: Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Moneybookers, eChecks, Bank Drafts, and Diners Club International. Be sure to use Marketing Code psp14011 when you deposit to ensure that you will receive your 100% Deposit Bonus up to $600.

For US players, PokerStars still has plenty of options available. Visa and Mastercard are listed, although they rarely work. The best option for many is the Instant eCheck option. It is very fast, very secure, and quite reliable. If you have a little more patience you can mail a cashier’s check or money order and Western Union is also an option.

PokerStars Promotions

PokerStars is famous for the many promotions they run throughout the year. They constantly have satellites and other tournaments running, offering prizes ranging from huge guaranteed prize pools to cars or trips to exotic, land-based tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker or the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

PokerStars also has what is considered by many to be the best player reward program in the industry. Their VIP program is one of the only you will find that literally pays out hundreds of thousands of dollars to individual players and is truly unlimited. There are six levels of the VIP program – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Supernova, and Supernova Elite.

PokerStars Customer Service

PokerStars customer service is simply outstanding. Although the only option for contacting them is through email, their response time is very fast and you will most often get a real response to your query and not just a standard answer. They have even been known to personalize messages and are sometimes quite comical in their responses. All in all, PokerStars customer service is considered among the best by anyone who has dealt with online poker sites over time.